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Don't know what Flash Flood is? It's an event by the Clock Crew where participants submit one movie every day for the entire month of February.

Last month, Adobe officially ended support for Flash, even tried to block us from playing Flash content. But that didn't stop the Flash Flood from taking place. Unfortunately, us clocks weren't able to win any awards higher than Daily 3rd, no one got frontpaged, and no one won Underdog or Review Crew Pick.

The Flood was almost halted when a mysterious blammer started terrorizing Newgrounds and blamming our early entries. They have since been banned, but who knows if or when they'll return.

But it's not all bad news. We were able to submit Flash Flood entries for other overlapping events. D-Va participated in the Flash Forward Jam and the Friday Night Funkin Animation Jam, while I submitted two collab entries.

Let's recap what went on this February.

Flash Highlights

Here are some episodic shows created for the Flood. Two of them span the entire flood.

The Eldritch Ensemble by PannacottaClock: A house tour from PannacottaClock goes awry when a godly being traps all the guests in a pocket dimension.

Late Night with D-Va Clock by D-VaClock: A talk-show hosted in D-VaClock's room

Frog Flood by Anonymous Frog: a nonsensical show surrounding the journeys of the Anonymous Frog and a few other Clocks.

ThorClock Breaks Free by ThorClock: (almost) exactly what it says, ThorClock breaks free.

Clock Junior by RedbookClock: Clock Jr returns for its second season. To avoid spoilers, watch the first season

Jungle Adventure Flounderman by FloundermanClock: The stunning new prequel to Space Adventure Flounderman, (also included in the playlist) with cavemen.

Here are 10 of our best standalone submissions

And here's the full collection:

Part 1: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/92ecf8f5a83539fb7b295d45585f9c7a

Part 2: https://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/cb5798604dde829bb9fe73ad76b88bf8

Here are my honorable mentions

(These do not represent actual awards)

iu_256589_8342745.png Going the distance and submitting 28 or more flashes during the Flood

  • Redbook
  • Anonymous Frog
  • D-Va
  • Pannacotta

iu_256590_8342745.png Submitting at least one flash during the Flood

  • L1fty
  • Thor
  • Pop-Tart
  • RadioTube
  • DaveCoulier
  • Deodorant
  • Flounderman

Helping out with others during the Flood

  • Rob
  • Octopus
  • Thor
  • Redbook
  • Pop-Tart
  • FloppyDisk

iu_256591_8342745.png Turd of the Month Award, for the lowest scoring Flash

  • Anonymous Frog

iu_256592_8342745.png Macromedia Award, for submitting real Flashes during the Flash Flood

  • Anonymous Frog
  • D-Va
  • RadioTube

iu_256593_8342745.png Iron Clock Award, for surviving an attack from the blammer

  • RadioTube¬†

iu_256594_8342745.png Enlightenment Award, for breaking free

  • Thor God of Thunder

iu_256595_8342745.png Black and Red Herring Award, for killing Octopus twice, taking over Anonymous Frog for a week, promising only two flashes, and God knows what else he did during the Flood

  • Flounderman

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting this year's Flood, voting 5, and submitting all these wonderful movies!


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